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Afrinext excels in producing a wide range of high-quality and innovative medical products, catering to diverse therapeutic categories and ensuring global accessibility to life-saving medications.

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This pharmaceutical manufacturing and export company operates in multiple countries, offering its products and services worldwide.

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Afrinext takes pride in its outstanding reputation for consistently delivering high-quality products, resulting in a multitude of satisfied customers worldwide.

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Afrinext Overseas

Afrinext Overseas, is a multi-product manufacturing and export company specializing in a variety of wide range products in the pharmaceutical industry.Having our headquarters in Vadodara, Gujarat, we have stayed strong in the market since 2017.

We are honored to mention that our company has been recognized as a STAR EXPORT HOUSE by the government of India.

We offer a diverse product range that includes tablets, capsules, liquid orals, dry syrups, dry injections, β-lactam syrups, Liquid injections, Surgical Products, lozenges, nasal drops, eye & ear precautions, creams, ointments, and Medical devices for the global market.

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Cost Savings

By directly importing from a manufacturing and export company, you can often bypass intermediaries and wholesalers, resulting in cost savings.

Quality Control

We have established a reputable manufacturing and export company that ensures the products we are importing meet high-quality standards and are produced in accordance with strict regulations.


Afrinext Overseas, a pharmaceutical manufacturing and export company is able to provide customized products or packaging to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Afrinext as a manufacturing and export company of global repute has a strong understanding of regulatory requirements and strictly ensures that the products, we are importing meet all necessary regulations and standards.

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